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I have had an idea! I have lots of ideas, some good, some less so, some exciting. This idea has got legs…

Radio 2’s ‘Pause for Thought’ this morning was in response to someone choosing to extinguish the lives of 22 children and parents at a concert in Manchester. My thoughts are with all those affected, wishing you courage, strength and support in the time ahead.

The Need For Support

This morning it got me thinking about support, and the important role radio plays by including features like ‘Pause for Thought’. I had a friend who began to suffer from depression, it was a long time, and a huge struggle before it was diagnosed. In that time my friend’s behaviour changed, judgement was impaired, a catalogue of poor decisions and irrational behaviour led to the deterioration of business and relationships. In self-imposed isolation, my friend had little or no support.

Hands together Support For All My Words Work For You

A Constant, Freely Available Resource For All

Wide-Reaching Support

Here’s my idea, ‘Radio Uplift’ (or similar). A radio station that is dedicated to provide a positive source of support. Not cheesy, over enthusiastic DJ’s with corny, superficial lines, I mean a constant, ever-present, ubiquitous source of support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a massively over-stretched NHS and severely depleted mental health resources, turning on the radio could be a valuable and viable option available to everyone.

How Would ‘Radio Uplift’ Look?

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Support Through Music Image Credit: High Definition High Resolution Wallpapers

  • Purely Music with a positive message
  • Guest spots with relevant professionals
  • Stories of Hope
  • Examples of human kindness
  • ‘Tried and Trusted’ – what has worked for others
  • Take Action – Positive Steps
  • Publicity for support mechanisms/groups
  • Listener input
  • Content driven by need…

My radio station would need to be an under-stated source of calm that provides a blanket of warmth and kindness for anyone who needs it, for whatever reason.

  • Non-judgemental
  • Non didactic
  • Informed and informative
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • A safe place

How Do You Start A Radio Station?

So, all we need is some available bandwidth, some volunteers with skills, a bit of PR/advertising…What do you think? Know anyone who could help? Watching my friend suffer has been painful, I was unable to help. This problem isn’t going to go away, if tuning in to a radio for a 10 minute boost could make any difference, it has to be worth it.

“Thousands of people are suffering in silence; we could fill that silence with positivity.”

Please Like and Share, this could become reality.

#headstogether #mentalhealthawareness

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