Variety is the Spice of Working Life

How varied is your work? Is every day the same or do you get some variety in your working day? Maybe every day is different and you never know what to expect? The wonderful, and essential, thing about nature is variation of the species, humans are no exception. Thankfully, we are all different, we have different preferences, outlooks, needs. It is ‘horses for courses’, having every day the same will suit some people down to the ground, some will find unpredictability challenging. This post is not aimed at those people.

Content Writing

I am very fortunate. After four years of content writing I have learned to be selective about the clients I work with, This is not motivated by selfish gain. I have learned from experience that it is far more beneficial to the client if their content writer believes in what they are writing. I have been working in Chicago with a client carrying out Human Factors medical research. This has certainly added variety to my working life, and some extraordinary experiences!

Blue Man Show Chicago Business Support My Words Work For You

The Blue Man Show Chicago – Difficult to explain, you kind of need to be there

Annual Duck Race Chicago Business Support Local Events Marketing My Words Work For You

Annual Duck Race, we only popped out for lunch, and this was happening right outside. The winning duck owner receives a car, it’s a big deal!

The Importance of Being Happy

Considering the average adult will work a total of 92,120 hours in their lifetime, being satisfied with your working life is tremendously important. According to the Office of National Statistics’ Assessment of National Well-Being, 42% of the individuals surveyed across 18 different measures, felt that they experienced no overall change in their feeling of well-being in the last year. In case you are wondering, the figure of 92,120 was based on 39,2 hour X 47 weeks X 50 years.

A Working Week

After returning home tonight I will be meeting with two potential new clients and I will be trying my hand at something new. This will bring new challenges, a chance to upskill as well as benefiting existing clients, all positive. Every working day is different as I write content for a carefully selected range of clients. Chellenges for me come from scientific content writing. I provide scientific content for two clients that enable researchers to make discoveries across the globe, that gives me great job satisfaction as well as stretching my brain  and keeping me up-to-date. I support a client to carry out Human Factors research, again, positively impacting lives of people suffering from a range of diseases. Fun comes from contibuting articles for blogs on a range of topics and writing human interest articles for publications. Largely, I can manage my working week to bring something different every day and beat client deadlines. I am fortunate.

How is Your Working Week?

Do you have opportunities and challenges in your work? Do you have variety? What keeps you interested in your work? What makes you smile as you wake up and realise it’s a work day? I am really hoping for you that the answers are positive? If not, don’t worry, now is as good a time as any to assess and evaluate. Are you happy? What could change? There is always something.

Why is it so Important?

If you experienced variety and challenge in your work what benefits would it bring to you and your workplace? This list is by no means exhaustive, I imagine you could add many of your own, feel free to add your ideas in the comments.

  • Motivation
  • Aspiration
  • Productivity
  • Happiness
  • Physical and mental health
  • Improved quality
  • Added value and employability

How Could You Add Variety?

Again, everybody’s circumstances differ, many more may apply to you.

  • Additional training
  • Volunteering
  • Training others
  • Taking on new responsibilities
  • Applying for something new
  • Up-skilling
  • Speaking with and listening to people in roles you are interested in
  • Changing your routine
  • Speak with colleagues and employers about flexibility

Lots of articles on this topic and many more in my Blog, enjoy!


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