Learn Lower Body Muscles Through Song

I’ll add images to this when I get chance but here’s one I wrote earlier! Feel free to share with any educators but please ensure you credit me as author. Could also be interesting at the office party.

(To the tune of ‘On the first day of Christmas’)
On the front of the thigh is where the quadriceps will be
Flex the hip, extension of the knee

(Two turtle doves)
From the top of the femur and from the hip as well.
To below the knee
and flex the hip, extension of the knee

(Three French hens)
On the On the back of the thigh are the powerful hamstrings
Start at the hip
To below the knee
And extend the thigh and flexion of the knee

(Four calling birds)
On the thigh the sartorius goes diagonally
Starts outside the hip
Ends inside the knee
Flex the hip and knee
and it helps us cross our legs so easily

(Five gold Rings)
On the inside of the thigh is where the adductors will be
To adduct the leg
Starts inside the hip
to the femur
flexion of the hip
And they all rotate the thigh out laterally

(Six geese-a-laying)
On the outside of the thigh is where the abductors will be
From outside the hip
Right down the leg
to the tibia
French and the femur
Flexion of the hip
And abduct the hip and help us walk with ease

(Seven swans-a-swimming)
On the calf of the leg gastrocnemius will be
Starts above the knee
ends at the heel
nice chunky calf
Flexion of the knee
as well as
plantar flexion of the foot
and the gastrocnemius is more chunky

(Eight maids-a-milking)
On the back of lower leg is where soleus can be seen
deep to gastrocnemius
from tibia and fibula
Down to the heel
Plantar flex your foot
Nearly at the end
Just two more
Try to keep it up
And remember all your muscles easily

(Nine ladies dancing)
On the shin tibialis anterior will be
Starts outside the tibia
Ends inside the foot
At the front of the shin
Inversion of the foot
Dor-si flexion
Nearly at the end
Just one more
Are you keeping up?
And the tibialis goes diagonally

(Ten lords -a-leaping)
We shall end with the buttocks divided into 3
They mobilise the hip joint
Gluteus medius
Gluteus minimus
Both abduct the thigh
And rotate it in
Now we have just one
Which extends the thigh, rotates it laterally

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