Win Customers – Be Extraordinary

Welcome to Budapest

November 2018, a quick flit through passport control and I enter the arrivals hall of Budapest airport. Within minutes I spot my name on the board held aloft by a smiling driver. We wait a few minutes for three more passengers and head to the car. Half an hour later he unloads my luggage at the door of the hotel. Nothing extraordinary so far? Wait for it…

The Extraordinary Bit

The car and driver were sent by the dentist I was due to visit the next day. Fast forward to the next day and the car is outside the hotel, on cue, to take me to my appointment. After a warm welcome, and a free toothpaste shaped pen, I am called in on time for my 360° X-ray, shortly followed by a consultation with Dr Gergely Joós, PhD. After a comprehensive explanation of my options, treatment began. Afterwards, the car took us back. Five glorious days and four appointments later, My new crown and I were bidding farewell to the driver at the airport.

Sounds Expensive?

Here’s the best bit. I had been quoted £750 for a new crown in the UK, this sum would include the crown only. My Budapest crown cost £297, this included airport transfers, chauffeur service to and from each appointment, four appointments (all on time), the crown which was created in the nearby lab and couriered in, and the 360° X-ray. In fact if I included two flights, six nights in a hotel beer money for the week and spends at the Christmas market, I am still ‘quids in’. Budapest’s dentists are considered some of the best in Europe, it is surely a ‘no brainer’. We Brits are cottoning on, and UK dentists are losing customers.

Beat the Competition on Service

Here I am, talking about it on my Blog and telling my friends and family, just as a friend told me. This particular clinic, aptly named Save on Dental Care, is thriving among stiff competition, they have taken customer service to a whole new level. Most businesses face stiff competition, I am not suggesting they offer customers a free chauffeur service but for sustainability, businesses need to be creative and become extraordinary.

Budapest Illuminated Sign Red White and Green Customer Service Business Support Service
Brilliant Budapest

The Good News

I need to return for annual check-ups, I cannot wait. This business ticked all of the boxes: quality, value, efficiency and extraordinary service, how do the businesses you know compare?

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