Sustainable Business with a Conscience

£9000 a Year Tuition Fees Does Not Guarantee Employment

Let’s get it out there straight away, it is my own, amazingly talented daughter who is President of Enactus Nottingham.  While doing her BA she has worked tirelessly to make an impact on the world around her. Is this nepotism? maybe, I’ll take that, but I am not writing this post for any reason other than to raise awareness of the work done by the team of ‘Millennials’ at Enactus. My daughter doesn’t need my help, she is a strong, capable woman in her own right.

It Is Not Just About The Money

Across the UK, Enactus students create and develop businesses that benefit communities around the world. As well as empowering people and doing social good, the businesses must be sustainable. The byproduct is, these students are gaining real-life experience of developing and running businesses and all that that entails. They are leaving university complete with skills for the workplace.

Make A Difference

Two years ago, after reading shocking statistics about food waste, the idea of Foodprint was born. It is of course sad that there is a need for social supermarkets, foodbanks and charitable donations to allow families to eat, but rather than reading about it and lamenting the injustice, Enactus are doing something about it that benefits all involved. The cycle is continuous, once each business is up and running, it is handed over to people in the community who need employment and a new business is created to take its place.

Bravo Enactus! From a proud mum and impressed supporter of businesses.

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