I’m Guilty Of It, Are You?

Are you guilty of walking into a shop, seeing something you really liked, maybe photographing it, then leaving to search for it online? I am embarrassed to say, this week I have done it, twice. I can’t imagine many of us haven’t done it, it seems foolhardy not to.

Example 1

We are having the garden landscaped. nothing too flash, just creating a more usable space that adds value to our lives. Phase II includes a summer house, office space for me to provide a pleasant working environment free of distractions. As usual, we chose to support our local businesses and off we went to browse around the summer houses. I thought I had found it, the perfect one. It was my husband who had a look online that evening for other options, only to find the exact same one, £300 cheaper. What would you do?

Example 2

I need a new laptop. Yesterday I had a 5pm meeting in Cambridge so used the opportunity to speak to the team at John Lewis. The young lad (who looked about 15 to me) knew his stuff, he gave helpful advice but here it comes…I found myself online within hours, checking prices. As it goes, I think I will stick with John Lewis, for the guarantee and the service, it seems apposite given the product I am buying.

So What’s The Future?

I have long been a supporter of small businesses, it is what I do. Have a look in my Blog section, ‘Small Business Support‘ to find posts providing support. I am also, like most small businesses, very concerned about the future. The Future of Our High Streets  and Adopt, Adapt Improve both spring to mind as having particular relevance. The truth is, we are all looking for the best price, why would any of us pay more than we need to for an identical product? I will always support small businesses, I am one, but I know that I need to offer great service at a fair price in order to sustain My Words Work For You.

What is the way forward? Any suggestions?

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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