SMARTER Business Targets

Happy New Year!

Where Are We Now?

Here we are, new year, new decade, new climate…same planet. We have little control of any of those things, time only moves forward, and we don’t deserve to ruin another planet, even if we could survive on one. The land we fight over, build on and devastate will be there long after we have killed each other and everything else on it.

Business Goals for 2020

There are things we can do, in fact must do, if we are to retain any of the control we seem to crave. It isn’t enough to be SMART, SMART has brought us to this point, we need to be SMARTER, much smarter. Whoever you are, business or individual, we are all responsible.






Environmentally Friendly/Ethical


Businesses have a far greater impact, and therefore responsibility. More and more people are making ethical choices, Apps like Goodonyou, Buycott and GoodGuide will have people voting with their feet, and rightly so. Be a business customers walk towards, not away from.

Woman running to top of mountain photo by Mauro Paillex
Photo by Mauro Paillex on Unsplash

Wishing you all, a responsible and ethical new year.

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