Happy 19th Birthday Google

Today is Google’s 19th birthday. I don’t know about you but I am a Google ‘frequent flyer’, I use it all the time, for almost anything. 20 Years ago we would have reached for the Yellow Pages, or the Thomson Local (remember them?). Today, the answer is at our fingertips, in an instant. Google has evolved into a finely tuned, high functioning service that leaves us feeling we cannot live without it. Hats off to Google!

The Power of Google

As a content writer, I need to consider Google’s algorithms whilst creating content. If I ‘play the Google game’ the content stands far more chance of working harder. Google doesn’t make this particularly easy and much of its hidden gems are deeply buried. Pleasing Google by ticking all of its boxes is nowhere near enough to get you on the first page now as there is so much competition, content marketing needs to be far more savvy. To create successful content I take a much more holistic approach. Ultimately, Google is the ‘be all and end all’, it provides a service used by the global community every day.  If we want to be in the game we need to play by the rules.

How to Keep Google Happy

Number one – Unique page content. 

Number two – User experience

Optimise your website including structure, images and content to make the site load quickly and provide a superb user experience. Offer products or services that provide value  to your customers. name and describe them accurately, descriptions need to be relevant, purposeful and unique, most importantly, it needs to be natural.

Happy Birthday Google

So on your 19th birthday Google, I salute you. You are getting better at:

  • Understanding what we are looking for
  • Helping us to find people, products and places
  • Allowing honest businesses to thrive
  • Preventing crooked businesses from thriving
  • Making the world a ‘smaller and more accessible place’

Happy Birthday Google Content writwer for small businesses My Words Work For You



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