Your Business From a New Perspective

Reinvigorate Your Business

We recently had a visit from a garden designer. From the moment I booked her I began to see my garden through a stranger’s eyes, it wasn’t a comfortable experience. In my defence, I am busy, but I must confess, since the moment I knew she was coming, the tidy up began. As I stood beside her discussing plans, the thought entered my head that inviting a fresh pair of eyes has caused me to look at my garden afresh. Imagine if businesses did the same.

Cast A Critical Eye

Remember Sir John Harvey Jones MBE? Imagine you have invited him in to act as ‘Troubleshooter’, as you prepare for his arrival, what do you see? This accountability and exposure certainly sharpens the senses. Suddenly you see the business from a new perspective. Issues you have accepted are no longer acceptable, problems on the back burner, flare up and add to the heat of the situation. You begin to find solutions. Why didn’t you do this when the problems first arose? Maybe it was easier to ‘let it ride’ thinking it could be dealt with when you had more time.

Critical eye on business Small Business Support Cambridge

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Speaking From Experience

I was invited in to a retail outlet by the owner of a small business to suggest and make changes. The changes were glaringly obvious to me, and to the owner as soon as I highlighted each one. Each change brought about an improvement in the business, so why hadn’t he done it before? He simply hadn’t stepped back and looked at his business with a critical eye, or invited anybody else to do it. We had a lot of fun doing it and the rewards were great.

How to Reinvigorate Your Business

  1. Choose an honest, straight talking person with appropriate knowledge / logical thinking
  2. Invite them to cast a critical eye, viewing things from the customers’ perspective.
  3. Be prepared to accept constructive criticism
  4. make changes, and track their effect on the business

More on ‘accountability’

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