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GDPR Deadline

The GDPR Deadline is this Friday, 25th May. Businesses that hold, process or use data about any EU citizen need to be aware of, and comply with, a new set of regulations put in place by the European Parliament. This is a good thing.

Step 1 – Privacy Policy

“Not another privacy policy” I hear you cry.

Don’t panic! This privacy policy is clear, concise, and honest, but maybe not ‘run-of-the-mill’. Every business should have one.

What Data is Stored

I am very fortunate, I don’t need to advertise, therefore I don’t need to capture and store any personal data for the purposes of marketing. Data stored is done so for:

  • The performance of contract for clients
  • To comply with legal obligations, or
  • For proportionate processing for a legitimate business interest.

E.g. I have a legitimate interest in storing clients’ contact information, namely to communicate, to invoice and for accounting purposes.

How I Store Data

For a number of clients, I carry out activities that mean I need to store personally identifiable data. These data are stored in password protected documents in a secure location that will only be accessible by myself and the client. If such documents need to be printed into hard copy they are anonymised beforehand, and shredded after use.

Where I Store Data

Well if I told everybody where I stored data that wouldn’t be very GDPR compliant. In the rare cases that I store data, it is stored securely in compliance with GDPR.

Locked gate Secure data storage Privacy Policy My Words Work For You

Cookies and Cream

I do not capture, use or store any information about individuals who visit my website, or read or comment on my blog posts. Similarly, posts published by me on other forums are not used to capture data about any individual who engages with them. I currently do not use Google Analytics or any other tool for analysis of personal data. You won’t find annoying pop-ups ‘tailoring your experience’, ‘enhancing your experience’, ‘ensuring advertisements are tailored/relevant to you’ or however else it is being dressed up, I simply don’t track what you do or how you do it, feel free to have a look around in peace.


My Words Work For You has a growing number of followers on WordPress and social media sites.  Each individual has chosen to do so, and to continue doing so, presumably they like my tales from the world of content writing, or they like me, whichever it is, I am grateful.

What Does GDPR mean To You?

For the general public, GDPR is a good thing, you are better protected and you have more rights. With an exponential growth in internet use, and businesses fighting for your attention, something had to be done to protect you and prevent misuse of your data. Check the ICO’s website for more information.

For businesses, this is a chance to ‘clean up & clear out’. A complete audit of what data you have, what you do with it, where it is stored and how it is stored is going to make you more streamlined. Clear out the data you don’t need or shouldn’t have and make yourself aware of exactly what you do have. Make sure the data you have is recognised and recognisable, safe, and GDPR compliant. If there is a breach you have 24 hours to report on it, could you? Don’t be fretting about multi-million Euro fines, just be taking steps to compliance.

Any future changes will be updated in my privacy policy. I feel a tweak coming on.

Contact me if you would like to know more

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