Content Writing – A Science of its Own.

One of my clients is a thriving scientific solutions company, Stratech Scientific Ltd. Stratech supply the scientific community with pretty much anything required for scientific research (not animals, just to clarify). They have an impressive reputation of being able to reliably import ‘stuff’ that was previously thought of as difficult or impossible to get hold of. I feel proud to be working with them and I’m full of admiration of their success. They are currently experiencing somewhere in the region of 40% growth. I would love to say that is down to my content writing, but that isn’t the case. I like to think it has contributed!

Scientific Content Writing

I was asked to produce an article that would help those scientists in their target audience who were involved in research involving liposomes. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly scared. It has been some time since my degree, and the fast paced world of scientific research hadn’t stood around waiting for me. The process of researching another new topic quickly went from ‘daunting’ to ‘exhilarating’ as I got better acquainted with these awesome little liposomes, they are truly amazing. Have a read of the article here: Liposome Preparation Made Simple for a bit of escapism from work.

Liposomes for drug delivery Scientific Content Writing My Words Work For You

Clever little liposomes, the most effective courier service ever.

The Aim of Good Content Writing

Naturally, the purpose of asking me to write this article wasn’t to fill my day with the excitement of liposomes. Stratech are aiming to provide a service to their thousands of customers. Many researchers are intimidated by the techniques involved in the preparation of liposomes, Stratech wanted me to produce an article that was aimed at that audience specifically. To ‘hold their hand’, to show them that support was available and they didn’t need to feel the prospect was insurmountable. This is a company who are understanding the needs of their audience, speaking with that audience in the right language and being there for them, offering a service/product that will help them in their work. Well done Stratech, your success is well deserved, long may it continue.

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