Variety, The Spice Of Life

I have been creating content for businesses since 2013. Retailers, Accountants, industrial services, chauffeurs, plumbing merchants, business development, the science sector and the sport industry to name but a few. Each client and each task brings a its own challenges and adds variety to my day, but… As much as I love what I do, and as much as my Springers and I love spending the day together, I realised I needed more human company. So I have ‘mixed it up a bit’…

Take Every Opportunity

One day, I noticed an ad, they were filming with Dame Judy Dench in Cambridge and needed ‘Extras’ (more correctly, Supporting Artists). On impulse, I filled in the form, then got on with writing content. Fast forward a couple of months and I receive a text asking if I am available for filming in Norfolk, recalling the form I had filled in, I hesitated for a heartbeat, then chose ‘YES’. It wasn’t long before I was on a train, surrounded by new friends for a week filming ‘Bodyguard’. And the seed was sewn.

Nic and Richard Madden Bodyguard Supporting Artist
Yes OK I blushed, old enough to be his mother too!

The Best of Both Worlds

Working on the premise that we are only here once and life is to be lived, I found my perfect solution. The Supporting Artist industry is reaching saturation point. Too many agents, too many artists and not enough work, I would advise anyone in need of a reliable income against entering. For me, it was perfect.

Content Fired By Enthusiasm

I am happy, enjoying a varied and interesting life and I’m surrounded by creativity. I only take on clients I know I will love working with, and for whom I will produce content that will work hard for their business. Whether on set, made up and in costume or sitting in front of my PC, I am enjoying a life that includes two different worlds that dovetail rather nicely together. Great work comes from happy people, if you are unhappy in your work, brainstorm some ideas to fix it, it’s your brainstorm, there are no wrong answers, the sky’s the limit so dare to believe.

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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