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“The best copy I have ever seen”
Account Manager, Wieden + Kennedy.

Nicola has transformed our website into a far better experience for the the increasing number of customers as well as a far better performing site for our business. She has re-written all of the content that now shines with the personality of the business as well as taking care of a wide range of features to improve our SEO. Since Nicola began working on the site we have seen an upturn in visitors, more new customers and higher profits. We are very happy with the work so far.
Furthermore, Nicola has the patience and empathy to deal with someone who is basically clueless when dealing with all things ‘computer’. She quickly changed from jargon to simple terms upon realising what she was dealing with but without being patronising. I would highly recommend Nicola!

Maria Sewell, Owner D & T Supplies


“I think we have actually made a massive breakthrough when it comes to the copy. I am so happy with the words we have now. THANK YOU.”

Chris, Owner, Innerfit


Nicola is a real team player, someone I can rely on and trust implicitly. We have worked together since May 2016 and Nicola happily goes ‘above and beyond’, easily turning her head to any challenge. Her detailed approach and friendly rapport with clients and other team members are an asset to my business, Empathic Mind Limited.”

Libby Wingham, Director, Empathic Mind


Nic has always gone the extra mile to help ensure the the language and message I spread about my business conveys my passion. Not only has she got a seemingly infinite set of little tips and tricks to talk with customers in a more compelling way, but she has also helped heighten my own thinking on my business brand and philosophy. Working with Nic has not only helped improve how I market my business, she’s helped me improve my business overall. I can’t thank her enough!

 Chris, Owner, Innerfit 

I have been working closely with Nicola for several months and because of the phenomenal strength of the words she has written and the impact she has made, we have not only seen a several fold increase in revenue but also a much stronger relationship being developed with our customer base. Nicola has been an integral part of everything we do and will be for many years to come. I can not rate her highly enough.

Small Business Owner 

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