A Content Supporting Artist

Sitting in front of my PC 18 months ago I saw an advert saying Dame Judi Dench was soon to be filming in Cambridge and they needed Supporting Artists (Extras). The thought had never occurred to me, but I clicked on the ad…

Content Writer and Part-Time Supporting Artist

Once my details were entered I got on with work as a Content Writer and forgot all about it. A couple of months later a text arrived asking if I was available for filming in Dereham, Norfolk. A moment to gather my thoughts and I remembered the advert, then I chose, ‘Yes’. My journey into the unknown began in the early hours of the morning about a week later. I arrived on a film set where friendships quickly began. We spent a fun week aboard a train with cast, crew, food, my book, and Richard Madden.

Richard Madden and Supporting Artists
What a very nice man he is

Broadening Horizons

Since then I have seen many sunrises, and sunsets, I’ve visited places I never knew existed, met celebrities and ‘ordinary folk’. I have listened to and shared stories of everyday lives, of struggles and of triumphs, stories that lift your spirits and stories that made me feel grateful for the lifestyle I have carved out. I have played roles including: Christopher Reeve’s mother, John Candy’s mother, a Scene Of Crime Officer, a Family Liaison Officer, a nun, a criminal, a party guest to name but a few. I have worked with wolves, stuntmen, dancers, footballers and models, I’ve had my own trailer, I’ve sat around for hours or been busy from morning to night. I have loved almost every minute. In other news, I have also been signed as a commercial model, who knew!

Supporting Artist in the cast chair on set
Cheeky! This was clearly not my chair!
Nicola Supporting Artist sitting in Trailer on set
Actor’s Doubles Get Their Own Trailer!
Grantchester TV series James Norton and Supporting Artist
Walking away from James Norton, it wasn’t easy!
EastEnders Screen Shot
A trip to court in EastEnders

A Perfect Fit

So how does it work? The answer is, it works extraordinarily well, I am a Content Writer, being a Supporting Artist is purely a ‘side hustle’. Sitting in front of my PC for five years I hadn’t realised how much I missed human interaction. The occasional day spent on set gives me a much-needed chance to soak up human company, meet up with friends old and new and be part of a creative process. It fits in nicely around my content writing as I only accept film work that won’t impact on content writing for my clients. I take a laptop or iPad to set with me and in the hours of waiting around I can be managing social media accounts, researching and writing. It adds a new dimension to my working and personal life and keeps me fresh.

Upcoming appearances

Too numerous to list them all but here’s a snapshot:

Speechless, ITV’s Autopsy, Warburton’s bread advert, Lucozade ad, EE ad, Rocketman, London Kills, Dracula, In The Long Run, The Split, Lee and Dean, EastEnders, Holby City, Bancroft and Gameface. Mostly I can be found here, in front of my PC, in my study with my faithful Springer Spaniels, feeling content with my lot.


I never did get the part in the Judi Dench film, Red Joan, but I now know people who are in it!

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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