Are You a Small Business Owner?

If you are the owner of a small business…

It is easy to get lost in the detail and forget where you are heading. Ask yourself…

What are your biggest challenges?

What is working well?

What could be improved? 

What changes could be made easily to improve your bottom line?

Websites could always perform better, how could yours be working harder for you?

How is your content? Is it speaking to your target audience? Is it provoking the reaction you need?

In terms of goals, what would you like to be achieving? 

Be a harsh, and honest critic, or better still, ask someone else to be honest with you and provide a critique, you can take it. Someone asked me to do that once and it sparked an exponential rise in his business.

I hope answering these questions will re-focus attention and add value. Get in touch if you’d like to chat.

About Nicola Dunklin

Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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