An Ad that Added Sales

Advertising – Speak to Your Audience

Content Marketing includes any content, in any form, that speaks to your target audience with an ‘on brand’ message, ultimately leading to increased conversions. But first you have to grab their attention.

I was asked to create an advertising poster for a product. As ever, I focused on the customer and understanding their needs, adults and kids no longer talk, spending far too much time behind a screen. The advertisement aimed to meet those needs with solutions, fun ones! I created an image of the desirable lifestyle they could achieve if they owned this product. Beginning with a hook of the initial ‘I miss you’ , I steered the reader down the track of buying, assembling and riding the go-kart together with their kids, to the end point of buying the go-kart.

Go-Kart Advertisement Content Marketing My Words Work For You

Content Marketing involves grabbing your audience by the heart strings

The aims:

  • Identify needs – Lack of meaningful time
  • Solve problems – Address the lack of time we spend with our children
  • Offer solutions – Spend time together

At the time there were no inspiring lifestyle images available that really portrayed the story I was writing. I used software to transform the transparent image I had to HD, I am no image guru!

If I created the advert again, I would have ‘I Miss You…’ as the focus. The wonderful thing about content writing and marketing is, it is an ever evolving journey and there is always room to develop.

The Results:

  • Increased conversions
  • Increased brand awareness
  • The supplier called to ask if they could use my poster
  • The client had a poster that could be used and re-purposed across all media platforms

Take a spin around my ever increasing Blog, it’s smoother than the go-kart would be.

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