Marketing – What Makes You Take Notice?

Manic Marketing

Are you finding this?  Every minute of the day you are bombarded with information, coming at you thick and fast from every angle. Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, email, text, Messenger, radio/TV,’snail mail’, telephone…the list goes on. If I switch devices on before getting out of bed in the morning I could find myself lying there an hour later.

Too Much Information!

Now, more than ever I am frequently unsubscribing in order to clear space and time and minimise interruptions. Businesses face the biggest challenge yet to reach customers and get noticed, it is like wading through treacle. If you are a small business or a ‘Marketeer’ trying to reach customers, you are up against it. Here’s my theory

You are in a frenzied ‘triathlon style’ swim across a sea of treacle, why wear the same wetsuit as everyone else? STAND OUT, GET NOTICED

What Works For You?

So your day has begun, do you check emails? If so, do you open the promotions or do you delete/ignore? In terms of marketing, what grabs your attention most successfully? Is it the content or the platform that it is on that impacts how likely you are to notice it? I created a little survey asking that very thing…

Small business marketing Content writer for small businesses My Words Work For You

What works for you?

Think Like a Customer

When content writing for any business, small or large, first I think like a customer. If I was a potential customer, what would ‘do it’ for me? What would, a. Grab my attention and b. make me click buy now/call? Your aim is to get found and once found, be trusted enough to be chosen.

My Words Work For You has been helping SMBs achieve their aims since 2013. Contact me here for more information.

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Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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