Why Product Personification Increases Sales

  1. the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something non-human, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.
    “Peter heard the last piece of pie calling his name”

Product Personification

I’ve seen some cool examples of personification recently. Before the customer has had time to think, that ordinary skirt has leapt from the screen, right into their psyche because it isn’t just a skirt, it’s a ‘sassy skirt’… It has attitude.

Why are you more likely to buy a sassy skirt? You can identify with it, it speaks

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Allow your customers to identify with your products

to the inner you, (who secretly, would love to be ‘sassy’). Giving products a personality brings them to life and evokes emotions in the buyer. Name them, add some adjectives, give them a character that ignites a spark…. anyone can sell a skirt, not many think to sell a sassy skirt. Joe Browns is a company that does it well, I have fallen for the charms of their products on more than one occasion, and I should know better!

Persuasive Content Writing

As a Content Writer, much of the work I produce aims to persuade potential customers to click/buy from/call my clients. My words need to capture the readers’ attention, to be emotive, reaching them on a subliminal level, creating a bond between the customer and the product, and ultimately, the customer and my client. I have learned over the years, it is far easier to write for something I believe in. If the product or service I am writing about has something to show off, it is very easy to give it a gregarious personality.

Let Customers Identify With Your Products

For one client, I simply gave names to a particular range of products as I put them online, sales increased. These products jumped out of the page and off the shelf. My emotive words evoked a human response, a bond between this now animated object, and the customer. The supplier noticed the dramatic increase in sales, it stood out from any other seller, they loved it. It doesn’t have to be names, adjectives and descriptions that give a product ‘personality’ will work too. Let’s give it a try…

Bold, daring, quirky, cheeky, strapping, fun, adventurous, mighty, outrageous, attention-seeking…

This coffee machine longs to grace your worksurface and be admired.

The shirt that shouts, ‘This guy’s got style’

More ideas to support small businesses can be found throughout my Blog, here’s one to be going along with… How Attractive is Your USP?  Enjoy!

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