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Today brings the first half of 2017 to a close. How has it been for you? If you look back now, is it with satisfaction? It should be, even if things have not gone to plan, there will be opportunities to learn and improve so the second half of the year can be on a different tangent.

Keeping Up With Google

For me the year has been dynamic, enjoyable and at times I’ve found myself in unfamiliar territory as I learned new skills for new clients. This is never a bad thing, I love learning and it keeps the grey matter functioning. In the business of keeping up with Google, learning is a necessity. Unique content that is written with a specific audience in mind is key to success but that content must be underpinned with knowledge of SEO and some understanding of Google’s algorithms.

Plan to Improve

So, as we enter ‘part two’ of the year, take time to reflect:

  • What went well?
  • What could be improved upon?
  • What changes could be made to achieve the desired results?

If you can, take a day out to reflect and plan ahead, it could place you in a far better place as you begin next year.

Time Out

I have loved the first half or 2017, I am working with a client base I am very happy with which has stretched me, taken me to new countries and  steered me in the direction I would like. Scientific copywriting, research, business support among others while in the background I have been, albeit slowly, developing my website. I can’t complain. A few more hours in London with a client then I have an important trip to take some time by a pool in the middle of nowhere, well, in France actually. I’ll be reflecting as I enjoy a glass of wine and a nice hunk of Brie.

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Time to reflect en France

Adopt Adapt Improve

So what could you adopt to bring about improvements? What could be adapted that exists already? What could you improve? It takes a clear head, vision and determination but it begins with a list… In another post I wrote about being fit enough to succeed, it’s worth a read.


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