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How To Get Google Reviews

Do Google Reviews Matter? The short answer is, yes, they do. Any SEO strategy should include increasing the number of reviews and testimonials across all media, including: Search engines Website Social media Directories On other relevant websites How Do I … Continue reading

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Inbound Links Improve Performance

Playing the Google Game – SEO Google just loves to see links to your site from relevant websites with high Page Authority. If Google sees that ‘big players’ are linking to your site, it is far more likely to notice … Continue reading

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Happy 19th Birthday Google

Today is Google’s 19th birthday. I don’t know about you but I am a Google ‘frequent flyer’, I use it all the time, for almost anything. 20 Years ago we would have reached for the Yellow Pages, or the Thomson … Continue reading

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SEO Low Hanging Fruit

Today I have been revamping an ailing website. After a meeting with the owner of the business it was clear that the website was set up long ago, then left. This is great news. Solid Foundations This particular business owner … Continue reading

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Is Your Content Reaching Your Buyers?

You may be producing amazing content, it might be reaching and entertaining a wide audience, but are they your buyers? Reach Your Audience In previous posts I’ve talked about knowing your audience and talking directly with them through your content. … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Writing Content That Works

Content writing has to perform, and perform well, if it is going to work for you. Words must cut through millions of pages, push past the competition and leap onto the podium, basking in glory for all to survey. It’s … Continue reading

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Search Engine Success – Content is King

Original, Unique Content I’ve spent plenty of time reading books and guides that claim to ‘Get you to No. 1 in Google’ etc. Of course, I could get to number one in an instant if I created a site called, … Continue reading

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