How to Live Longer

A quick post today and a departure from my usual Top Tips for small business series

What Factors make You Live Longer?

Today I am writing about antibodies. You may not believe this but part of my research took me on to Youtube, where I spotted this. Before you watch it (and it’s only a few minutes long)…

What factors do you think play the biggest part in helping you to live longer?

An Effort To Socialise

Much of my day is spent in front of a PC which in itself could be problematic. I have no wish to be a hermit. If I think back to this morning as a case in point:

  • I chatted with people at the pool and bumped into a friend who has asked me to  help with his business.
  • Out with my dogs and I meet the usual ‘doggy people’ who I know and trust, doggy people are usually ‘good sorts’. Today’s conversation: ‘Stick and flick?
  • Throughout the day I am communicating with various people including clients
  • Tonight is a scheduled Skype call followed by a family dinner.

Without all of this, I would be lonely, frankly. Getting on with people is what makes the world a better place, it is a bit of a bonus then that it also helps us to live longer; worth the effort, isn’t it.

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