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I Can Sing a Rainbow

A little known fact about me is, I learned to speak in Bolton, ‘up North’. By the time I was six and we moved ‘down South’ my own mother could barely understand me. New Beginnings One of the first days … Continue reading

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Repurpose Existing Content

Can you recall how searching for something on the internet used to be? Random results, but far fewer of them. And now? Reams of results, abundant ads, oodles of organisations clamouring for your click. How does your content compete? Write … Continue reading

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Burns Night – A Reply From The Lassies

I am not asked to be an after-dinner speaker often, but as Burns Night approached, the phone rang… The Chairman of Royston & District Round Table used his charm. I remember the daunting feeling of not really knowing where to … Continue reading

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Let Children Resolve Conflict, The World Would Be A Better Place

Every side is ‘right’, in their mind Years ago, a fight broke out in my sitting room. I raced in to see my two warring toddlers, pulling at the toy they both passionately believed should be theirs. In each of … Continue reading

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SMARTER Business Targets

Happy New Year! Where Are We Now? Here we are, new year, new decade, new climate…same planet. We have little control of any of those things, time only moves forward, and we don’t deserve to ruin another planet, even if … Continue reading

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Menopausal Melee

After an evening with friends who spent their time alternately fanning themselves, I had a flash of inspiration, in the form of the Three Little Pigs. So I thought I’d try my hand at writing a poem. It’s been fun, … Continue reading

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Too Many Cooks Spoil The Result

Teamwork Not Me Work I’ve recently been involved in the creation of a product (I am being deliberately vague here). Not my usual ‘bag’ of content writing or business support, something altogether different. Quality Control The quality of the final … Continue reading

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Top SEO Tips For A Sustainable Business

SEO – An Ever-Changing Game I attend the Optimisey Events in Cambridge each month. It is a regular meet up for SEO professionals to find out what is going on in the SEO world and keep ahead of the curve. … Continue reading

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Does Your Business Give A Crap?

This article is about improving your business. It is not about finding gimmicks to make people buy your products, it is about being the best you can be so people want to support what you are doing. It is about … Continue reading

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Make People Want to Stay At Your Workplace

Have you ever worked for that ‘difficult to get along with’ boss? Or have you ever been in a workplace that took plenty but gave nothing back? Life is short, working hours are long, if employees are unhappy they will … Continue reading

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