It’s All About User Experience

As a content writer, User Experience (or rather dyslexically named, UX) is at the forefront of my mind in everything I do. Today I bought a new laptop, and so begins the joyful experience of installing software, email packages, apps, suites, remembering passwords, waiting for seemingly endless buffering (hence, time to write a quick blog post), it’s a necessary evil. 

Cloud Storage – Where’s the Silver Lining?

I’ll say it up front, I am not ‘techy’, I just want stuff to work. I don’t spend hours (or even minutes) reading up, I depend on apps being intuitive enough to just use. I subscribe to Office 365, and Dropbox, and Google Drive, I have stuff stored on an Apple device, an external hard drive, OneDrive from Microsoft, Google Drive and Google Photos etc.  three different email accounts for different clients, stuff everywhere. 

Three blue clouds cloud storage compatibility Content Writer Cambridge

Can We Please Work Together?

All of these companies trying hard for exclusivity means it isn’t always easy, or possible, to access files  stored by rival companies. Overall, it makes for a frustratingly difficult and time consuming user experience. I frequently email files to my other e,ail accounts in order to access and/or store them where I need them. surely this isn’t particularly slick. Is it me?

A Question of Compatibility

Nowadays it just isn’t feasible to expect someone to be an exclusive user, faithful to one company, media comes in from everywhere. Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone, and a better user experience if everything was accessible and compatible? Rant over, I’ll get back to watching my buffering.

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