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What To Do With A Bad Review

Firstly, once a bad review is there, it’s there to stay. There are a few forums with difficult and lengthy processes to dispute reviews but the process is arduous, better to not find yourself in that position but human nature … Continue reading

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How To Make Your Pub Successful

How To Run A Successful Pub The Bad news Do you have a local? How is it doing? Chances are you may not know. As breweries squeeze tenants making it more difficult to survive, and lifestyles change, public houses are … Continue reading

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Supporting Local Businesses

When you open the front door and it is clearly someone selling something, what’s your initial reaction? Yes, mine too. I was calculating my ‘exit strategy’ as this chap said something that caught my attention and stopped me. I decided to … Continue reading

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The Irony of ‘Dear Valued Customer’

When opening those ‘Dear Valued Customer’  emails, how do you feel? Valued? Probably not. Would you email a friend with, ‘Dear person I like’? I think not. As a customer, if I have chosen to offer my details to a … Continue reading

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Small Business Marketing -It’s a jungle Out There

We have had the tremendous honour of being made ‘Guide Parents’. Close friends who are non-religious have chosen us to be ‘back-up’ for their most treasured and valuable possession, their child. We love her, we have a great relationship and … Continue reading

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Are Your Customer Relationships Flying High?

This week I have booked over £5,000 worth of flights with a well known British flight operator. Myself and a client will be travelling to the United States, twice in the next two months. Usually, if I fly for personal … Continue reading

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Online Shopping, Not Always the Way Forward?

I am sitting here writing this blog post with a cushion wedged behind my aching back. We’ve been gardening all day, for hours. Well OK, we had a little break. After what felt like days of digging, moving plants, levelling … Continue reading

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Advertising – Turn On or Turn Off?

Powerful Advertising May Have The Power To Repel Your Audience I am looking for a pilates class. You may know this already but pilates is not cheap! I want to know that the class I choose is: Good quality Effective … Continue reading

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Content Marketing – STAND OUT From The ‘Flock’

Creative Marketing involves creativity, stand out from the crowd, be memorable, your customers will love you for it. Continue reading

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Know Like and Trust? Aim for BELIEVE

How to create content that makes your audience BELIEVE in you Think of something or someone you believed in, I mean really believed in. Once in that mindset, there you remain. The object of your affection would have to behave … Continue reading

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