How Are Your Reviews?

Last week I held a snapshot poll my Facebook page, the results are in!

It would seem that  while only 25% of people were motivated to buy by the ‘cheapest price’, the remaining 75% of people choose to ‘buy now’ because of… (drum roll)

Great Reviews

This is great news for small businesses and a reminder to encourage reviews. If you’re a small business how are your reviews looking? As a consumer, what impact do reviews have on your buying choices? What motivates you to write a review? For me, I write reviews when a product or service has been exceptionally good, they deserve my review.

It’s All About Trust

When it comes to consumer choice, nothing is more persuasive than hearing how much a friend loves a product. Reviews do that for you, the undecided consumer is convinced to buy when everyone else is raving about it, it works for me.

How to Get Reviews

The simple answer is, ask for them. If you see people face-to-face, ask them if they would be kind enough. Read my post about the dark art of how to get Google reviews. Ask your audience on social media, and set up a review system on your website such as Feefo or Trust Pilot. Find a way to capture your customers’ attention and make them want to help. Here’s a Case Study showing you how I did exactly that for a previous client.

Let me know how you get on and the impact it has on your business. If you are a consumer, consider writing a couple of glowing reviews for the businesses that deserve them.

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Experienced and proficient content writer with a proven track record of success.
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