9 Simple Steps to Content Writing

So clearly, perfection is the ideal, the goal we all dream of, a perfectly well written piece that engages, helps and entertains our target audience. But this is real life, we have a business to run/work to do/life to live, so perhaps we have to aim for something a little more achievable. Today I have some work to do for a client that will involve a lot of reading, finding information and presenting it in a usable format, no blank page involved, this is good!

Writing Hurdles

Before I begin, I thought I would put ‘pen to paper’ on here and share more musings about the writing process. The blank page is the worst, it causes delays, induces fears that have no place and cripples creativity. For me, I get past the blank page stage with a mind map, ideas thrown on a page, copied notes from research materials, all with the premise that there are no rights and wrongs at this stage, it is liberating. From that platform springs creativity and ideas and structure can follow.

When Content Writing is a Tricky Business

If one writes with the knowledge that nothing is permanent, all can be fine-tuned, the process is far smoother. As a content writer, I am often called upon to write content I know little about, or worse, have little interest in. Taking pleasure in research, seeking out key information, learning and understanding then creating a piece of writing that is unique, relevant to the target audience and will be useful for years to come is a useful ‘driver’.

Content Writing in Nine Steps

Keep the big picture at the forefront of your mind. Write the aims/key points at the top of the page. Success is achieving those aims in a great piece of writing.

  1. Throw ideas/facts onto your page – Enjoy this bit
  2. Group related ideas together
  3. Bearing in mind the ideas you have, write down a structure to tell the story
  4. Create original, unique sentences to tell the story
  5. Get to the end
  6. Read it again
  7. Edit
  8. Walk away and do something different
  9. Return with a fresh mind, and improve, improve, improve.

I’m off to do some work. Later I’ll come back and check and improve this article!

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