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Reinvigorating a Small Retail Business

When I first began work with this client the website was in a ‘bad way’. The content was old, riddled with mistakes, uninspiring and dull. The site or its content were not search engine optimised and the poor user experience was betrayed by its performance. The few people who visited the site didn’t hang around and rarely chose to buy anything.


Original About Us Page before content writing and re-design by My Words Work For You

Original About Us page before My Words Work For You

Hi, this is me, Paul Warner, daddy to two gorgeous girls and owner of When I Was a Kid…

Founded in 2005, it all came about from a trip to one of the big toy barns with floor to ceiling plastic toys. As a family, we love board games and having ventured over   to Northampton to our local Toys R Us store to buy a new game, I left saddened that the toy industry had become obsessed with plastic, batteries or fad toys… where were all the ‘proper’ toys that I grew up with?


Re-written About Us Page Content Writing by My Words Work For You

About Us page re-written and re-designed by My Words Work For You

Once upon a time… after a soul-destroying family trip to one of the monster Toys R Us stores, I realised a terrible thing had happened; modern toys had lost their magic, the sparkle had simply gone, vanished

And so the dream began.  Children everywhere were in danger of misplacing their imaginations, there was not a moment to lose…. I searched the globe to find toys that don’t have the dreaded on/off switch (you know the type, on goes the screen, off goes the imagination).  The When I Was a Kid ‘toy box’ just keeps filling with fabulous toys, waiting to be loved.”

Content Marketing Magic

The subject was easy; wonderful toys that had value and real benefits for a target audience. They were easy to believe in, easy to bring to life, easy to write about. Each page I wrote performed immediately. People believed in the company and understood the USP. I wrote articles for the Blog that engaged a growing audience and managed to facebook page, increasing awareness and increasing the company’s profile.
People began to get in touch, asking to work with the company, or simply to tell us they loved the website. American Express called to ask the company to supply gifts for their Platinum Card clients. The Forestry Commission asked the company to be their exclusive toy supplier, An Account Manager from Wieden & Kennedy called to tell the owner it was ‘the best copy she had ever seen’ and ask who wrote it (he didn’t tell her).

The Results:

Every product I wrote immediately began to sell. For the first time, people added multiple products to their baskets. Sales, conversions and trust all increased as an unheard of percentage wrote glowing reviews for all to see. The previous record of 9 consecutive days of sales grew to hundreds, profits soared. The company thrived. I was happy, the business owner was very happy.

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