Small Businesses Unite

Got Space to Spare? Use it!

Many months ago I came home after using the village post office and wrote a post about it. The local postmaster works long hours and has neither the time nor the inclination to stock his shelves. The space is empty apart from a few dusty, unwanted birthday cards lingering in empty racks, yet people are in and out all day long.

Save Our Post Offices

Village post offices are disappearing at an alarming rate, leaving gaps in communities around the UK. Let’s be honest, not many of us write letters anymore, the three thank you cards I wrote this morning made my hand hurt! We do still need the postal service, if nothing else to deliver Amazon parcels. How many other business owners are there who could benefit from valuable space in the centre of a community?

Sustainable Business Solution

I’ve said before, this idea could be rolled out to any vacant business space, I am hearing examples that it is now happening. The post office/landlord could rent out business space by the shelf, the small business owners run it, the community has a thriving shop and gets to keep its post office, the post office benefit from the additional revenue and stand a chance of surviving. Frankly, the four items I have posted today will each land on doormats around the UK tomorrow for the princely sum of  67p, I’m very happy to keep that service. We could proactively support our post offices as well as local businesses, everybody wins.

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