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It’s early morning, I am sitting in my hotel room in Chicago with a mint tea, admiring my view…

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Good morning, how are you today?

I am over here working for a client, ‘someone has to do it’. In spite of two long working days, and a bit of eating and sleeping, I’ve slightly fallen in love with this wonderful city. Ahead of me today is the ‘jolly’ day, a free day to soak up the city (literally, as the forecast is rain), and see the sights. The experience so far has been fantastic.

The Journey Begins…

At Heathrow, after a ridiculously early start to avoid the dreaded M25 rush, our compensation was breakfast at Heathrow. ensconced in the terminal 5 restaurant we awaited our order, taken by the rather unhappy looking waitress. Clearly she was not having a good day, she wasn’t doing much to improve ours either. The food arrived. This isn’t going to be good, watery porridge, one strawberry sliced in half in place of the promised ‘sliced banana’, my smoked salmon had turned into ham…the list goes on. Now none of this would stop the world turning, no lives are affected but my issue was this breakfast that had little to do with its description was delivered with no explanation, no apology, and no smile.

Let’s see how they do it in Chicago

The following morning we are enjoying a quite frankly amazing breakfast. The staff here can speak to you in 45 different languages, you are greeted with genuine smiles and they are falling over themselves to make your experience the best it can be. Frankly, the food could have been poor and I would still have left with a smile, it wasn’t.

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A great start to the day

My cup was constantly filled, several waiters cleared every used item on the table, replenished stocks, checked we have everything we could possibly need and generally brightened our day.

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Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service

The restaurant at Terminal 5 don’t rely on repeat business, there’s a constant and guaranteed stream. There is another option so when I find myself there in a few weeks time, I’ll be taking it. I don’t know what was happening in the world of the young lady who served us, and I hope it was nothing bad, but she is working in a service industry and there is a lot of room for improvement. The contrast could not have been more stark, a complete dichotomy between the two restaurants, in fact between the two cities. Almost every person we have encountered here has brightened our day in some way, Eddie on security in the building we are working in wants us to go to his church to ‘get everybody singing, for sure’ Amy in the bar, who spent time marvelling at our NHS.

STAND OUT, be memorable for all the right reasons

It isn’t about resources, or gimmicks, it is about simple good service. As you go through your week, take note of the interactions you have throughout, what works, what doesn’t, how does it make you feel and what impact does it have on the outcome? If you are a customer, would you choose to go back? I know how I felt after being greeted by Eddie yesterday, on top of the world.

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I must go for breakfast…whatever you are doing, ‘Have a nice day’

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