Fit enough to run a business?

Running A Business requires Stamina

Our weekend has been filled with friends, entertaining, eating and drinking, the most athletic it got was the odd dog walk and a mooch around a local town. As we finally settled into our Sunday evening we gathered together to watch the European Indoor Athletics Championships. It got me thinking…

Each and every athlete is at the top of their game; physically, they are perfectly suited to their sport and their focus is sharp. It’s not dissimilar to business; if you want success, you need the mindset of an athelete.

Business Fitness Assessment

As you read this, substitute the word ‘sport’ for ‘business’; substitute the word ‘athlete’ for ‘business person’.

Take the test, how fit are you to succeed in your business?

  1. How well are you suited to your business? Athletes are pre-tested for suitablitity for their sport, the tests are based on muscle type, stamina, personality, physiological  markers and more.
  2. Do you know what you are up against? Study the competition, what do they do well? What could they improve on? What can you learn from all of this?
  3. Are you specialised? Now you have discovered the sport you are best suited to, are you specialising in that sport and that sport alone? Are you learning every thing that you can possibly learn about your sport? This one doesn’t apply to decathletes, heptathletes, pentathletes…although they certainly could be described as ‘specialist’.
  4. How focused are you? Competing against your fellow athletes who have focused on nothing but their goals. How focused are you on yours?
  5. Are you sticking to your training regimen? No athelete fulfills their potential after lack of training. Have you studied? Are constantly ‘on it’?
  6. Are your ready for every hurdle? Your training is not meant to be smooth, it’s the hurdles that get thrown in your path that will teach you more than any ‘strike gold fast’ offering.

Do you have the fitness and stamina to go the distance?

So, you are in the right sport, you are focused on your goals, you have studied the competition, you have a dedicated training regimen and you are prepared for hurdles, in fact you cannot wait to learn from them…And you believe in yourself. Perfect.

What sport are you suited to?   I got ‘triathlete’, what about you? Try a fun test here

What I love best is finding areas that need fine tuning, and fine tuning them. It doesn’t need a Degree in rocket science, just a Diploma in common sense. Be your own harshest critic, what areas do you excel in? What areas could you do with a coach? Don’t waste your valuable time struggling to compete in the areas you are not suited to, hire other athletes for that.

You are up against stiff competition; be the best you can be.

Runner winning race-content-writing-business-my-words-work-for-you

Train hard, win BIG

Go on Champ, you can do it! 

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