Get Fit to Fly

A New Dawn

Since My Words Work For You began in 2013, I have spent a lot of time supporting other people’s businesses. It has given me great pleasure. I have encouraged business owners to get/stay fit, physically and mentally, it can make the difference between failure and success. Here’s one I wrote earlier… Running a business is like running a marathon, it’s a test of fitness and stamina; and you need to be fit enough to stay the course.

Time Spent Productively

So, another eight hours and forty minutes on a plane to reach Chicago, what to do… Unusually for me, this flight began with an audio book. Ordinarily I avoid ‘get rich quick’ books, it has never been about the money for me, but the choice was fairly limited. For some reason, I chose one, I’m glad I did. The focus was on, doing the thing you are best at, then being the best you can be whilst doing it.

Two hours well spent.

Chicago Dawn Content Marketing My Words Work For You

Sunrise in Chicago. Let’s make each day glorious

Be the Best You Can Be

  • Step one – focus on what you are naturally good at.
  • Step two – aim for excellence.

Content Marketing is an ever-changing environment, staying still means being left behind. My clients deserve the best I can give, so, alongside focusing on developing their businesses, I need to continuously develop mine. I, like most of us, need to assign time to upskill, to stay ahead of the curve.  So research begins, I need to spend time wisely, achieve the maximum gain. The aim is to help my clients achieve their goals.

Physically Fit For Business

Listening to my audiobook reminded me that if I want to be the best at what I do, I also need to stay physically fit. I have focused on writing content, Google’s algorithms, Search Engine Optimisation, content marketing, copywriting etc. all from my office chair. I need to get myself back into the habit of working out. No time like the present so, taking advantage of being up at ridiculous o’clock, I headed for the hotel gym, incentivised by breathtaking views.

Mind and body Fitness Small Business Mentor My Words Work For You

A leisurely jog, enhanced by the view

Gym - A great way to start the day Small Business Support My Words Work For You

Joining the early birds at the Hyatt gym








How Re You Doing? (As they say in the U.S.)

Are you doing what you are best at?

Are you doing everything you can to be excellent?

According to the audiobook, it’ll make you rich, I’m not making any promises about that, but it would surely make you feel more fulfilled.

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