What Makes You Click ‘BUY NOW’?

How To Increase Conversions

How do you know if I am to be trusted? Do I deserve your custom? The internet is flooded with businesses and people yelling at you, ‘pick me, pick me’. What’s going to tip you over the edge to click ‘BUY NOW’?

The Power of Testimonials

Let’s get into the heads of our audience. Think about your own experience when shopping online, what makes you choose one business/person over another?  In terms of conversions, testimonials are the most powerful. A testimonial is honest, raw and shows that a business is confident enough in its service to allow its customers to ‘go public’ with their thoughts with no interference from the company.

Ask For Reviews

Next comes reviews, ask for reviews from your clients/customers. Be bold, you want an accurate picture from the end user of how you are performing. If that picture isn’t perfect, there is your perfect opportunity to improve. Listen to what your customers are saying, respond, react, improve. Nobody is perfect, there will be the very occasional slip up, humans are fallible but if you are striving to get it right 100% of the time, your perfect reviews will be not far short of that. Aim to look forward to every piece of feedback because you KNOW it is going to be good. After all, your chance to excel is how you react when you get it wrong. 

Here’s one of my recent testimonials from a valued client. It matters to me, and makes me feel good that I know I am doing a good job for this client. It matters a whole lot more to my potential client, they need to know they can trust me to do the job well.


“Nicola is a real team player, someone I can rely on and trust implicitly. We have worked together since May 2016 and Nicola happily goes ‘above and beyond’, easily turning her head to any challenge. Her detailed approach and friendly rapport with clients and other team members are an asset to my business, Empathic Mind Limited.”

Libby Wingham

Director, Empathic Mind

Start asking today, listen to your customers, learn from them, let everybody know just how good you are.

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