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Hi, this is me, Paul Warner, daddy to two gorgeous girls and owner of When I Was a Kid…

Founded in 2005, it all came about from a trip to one of the big toy barns with floor to ceiling plastic toys. As a family, we love board games and having ventured over   to Northampton to our local Toys R Us store to buy a new game, I left saddened that the toy industry had become obsessed with plastic, batteries or fad toys… where were all the ‘proper’ toys that I grew up with?



Hi, this is me, Paul Warner, daddy to two gorgeous girls and owner of When I Was a Kid, a traditional toy shop… (I retained this as I felt this was the personality of the owner shining through)

 Once upon a time… after a soul-destroying family trip to one of the monster Toys R Us stores, I realised a terrible thing had happened; modern toys had lost their magic, the sparkle had simply gone, vanished

And so the dream began.  Children everywhere were in danger of misplacing their imaginations, there was not a moment to lose…. I searched the globe to find toys that don’t have the dreaded on/off switch (you know the type, on goes the screen, off goes the imagination).  The When I Was a Kid ‘toy box’ just keeps filling with fabulous toys, waiting to be loved.

Case: Script Writing for Crowdfunding campaign

Video design and script by Nicola Dunklin (I even helped him choose his shirt!)

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