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Dramatic increase in revenue purely as a result of my work

Statistics from one project, two months from beginning my content marketing 

November 2013 stats compared to November 2012

Site Visits UP 99.62% (just over 9000 people)
Page views UP 98.5%
Ave visit duration UP 58.5%
Returning visitors UP 10%
Unique page views UP 101%
Ave time on page UP 61%
Revenue UP 166%
Quantity purchased UP 252%
Conversion rate UP to 3.05% (A massive leap for the second month)
Ave orders per day 9.16!!! (was previously less than 1)
Conversion once added to basket 78% (up nearly 30% on industry standard)
Quantity of items purchased UP 252%
Organic Search purchases UP 25%
Trains sold UP 487%

Just a snapshot of the dramatic improvements. These and many others were long term changes that continued for the duration of my time with the company.


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