GDPR To Sum Up The Summit

Since founding My Words Work For You in 2013, I have enjoyed providing business support to many of my clients. I like having a multi-dimensional approach to my work, it gives me a more complete understanding.

A Varied Audience

As you may have seen from previous posts, I am working alongside Cliff Gibson, Founder of DBR Data to support businesses through the process of becoming GDPR compliant. Last week, Cliff & I ‘manned’ his stand at the GDPR Summit in London. Thousands of delegates paid a lot of money to attend, these ranged from the ‘rabbit in the headlights’ to ‘experts’ aiming to finalise details. Businesses ranged from SMEs to global enterprises who have a mountain to climb. We were there to help them.

Image credit: Aimee Moreau

GDPR Compliance

A recurring event of the day was people arriving at the stand who were ‘delegated’ to become the GDPR expert within their business. Every business needs at least one but the moral of the story seems to be, if you don’t want to be it, don’t be that person who was missing at the meeting or it could be you! GDPR affects us all, it isn’t something to be scared of but it is something to be understood. And therein lies the path to compliance.

It was a successful day for all concerned, needs were met, questions were answered and many businesses took positive steps to compliance.

What Next?

Don’t panic! Don’t listen to the scaremongering about heavy fines, just ensure that you have understood the requirements to become compliant and have taken the necessary steps. Get in touch if you would like any help.

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